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Integration with Moodle via custom WordPress plugin

The Official College of Pharmacists of Barcelona (COFB) and the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid (COFM) joined forces to create a training platform for members and non-members, mainly from Spain, where they can be trained in different areas within the field of healthcare.

Auttomatic continues to focus on its LMS on WordPress

Automattic, with this new plugin, promises to customize the learning experience like never before. Although most of its competitors have been offering it since its beginnings, they have achieved, thanks to the integration with FSE (Full Site Editing) and Gutenberg, a new way to achieve success.

IntelliCon: data analytics to redefine learning models

During the IntelliCon conference, in addition to having listened to our colleagues from 3ipunt, we also learned about success cases shared by different companies, and how data analytics helped them, for instance, to define course designs or to achieve faculty goals, to reinforce transparency in student progress, among others.