Moodle Educator Certification

We are official MEC (Moodle Educator Certification) facilitators by Moodle

What is the official MEC?

MEC is a complete training program designed to prepare educators to offer training at any level, effectively, providing the required skills and knowledge to engage students by using Moodle.

We offer the official MEC in English, Catalan, and Spanish.

Offer high quality education


Improve the quality of your courses contributing on a better learner experience for your students.

Learning programs

Boost your organization learning programs’ quality, using the appropriate instructional resources.

Cases and examples

Gather access to use cases and application examples conducted by other educators using Moodle.

Train yourself to improve your professional career


MEC is based on the widely-used and accepted European Framework for the Digital Competence for Educators (DigCompEdu).


Become a more accomplished and effective professional, designing a quality teaching-learning experience.


Enhance your reputation with official recognition for your skill at managing Moodle courses.


Earn a badge for each of the six modules plus a Moodle Educator Certificate.

Guided training for educators

The complete program is organized in 6 modules and each one is based on specific competencies from the 22 in DigCompEdu.

Educator's professional competences

Educator's pedagogic competences

Learners' competences


  • Testimonial MEC Snacks

    Thank you very much! Your feedback on the assignments was very valuable for me. I really liked how the course was designed and if there would be new opportunities in the future regarding other advanced Moodle courses I would be interested to enrol.


    Gemma Rodríguez

  • Testimonial MEC smiley face

    I really enjoyed the program and I believe I am learning a lot. Thank you so much for your help.


    Raúl Barros

  • Testimonial MEC accompaniment

    Thanks for the coaching provided during the program. It was a gift to share this experience and learning with you. I really enjoyed taking this course.


    Marc García

  • Testimonials MEC way

    Thank you for the feedback. Cannot believe it’s over! It was a really interesting program and I have learned far more than I expected.


    Pol Pérez

  • Testimonial MEC mountain

    It was a pleasure to share this certification with you. I am really grateful for all the help you provided.


    Carolina Soler


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