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Product Description

The aim of this course is to combine the most of Moodle functionalities with the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) to ensure educators’ digital competence, by offering the required knowledge to use Moodle in order to align to a common frame of reference, with a common language and logic, as DigCompEdu is defined.

This is a competence-based teaching and learning program with Moodle. It is a comprehensive teaching and learning curriculum designed to help you develop knowledge and skills to be effective educators in today’s growing digital workplace. The content of our curriculum is based on the digital competences outlined in the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators, or DigCompEdu.

Whether you are new to Moodle or already an expert, this course offers you the opportunity to:

  • design instructional resources;
  • develop learning activities with Moodle; and
  • connect and engage in collaborative learning experiences.