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  • Que el fin del mundo te pille bailando

    Amanda del Valle CMS Manager

  • Always learning and trying to help. Beer lover as well 🙂

    Antoni Bertran CTO

  • Els grans èxits també van ser al principi somnis

    Ariadna Fiol Administration

  • Emosido Engañado

    Arnau Martínez Web Developer

  • Take a sad song and make it better

    Elisenda Hernández Web Developer

  • Feels like summer

    Francesc Fernández Java Developer

  • Aprendiendo algo sobre todo, y todo sobre algo

    Jose Maria Tomás Moodle Developer

  • ¿Por qué caemos, Bruce? Para aprender a levantarnos

    Juanan Martín Moodle Developer

  • ¡Muchas gracias por compartirlo!

    Kevin Mao Web Developer

  • Code never lies, comments sometimes do

    Marc Nieto Java Developer


    Nando Gil PHP Manager

  • Free your mind and your ass will follow

    Norbert Feliu PHP Developer

  • Always look on the bright side of life

    Pau Plana CEO

  • What doesn't kill you, makes you smarter

    Raúl Martínez Moodle Manager

  • ¿Ya es viernes?

    Roser Pruaño Moodle Developer

  • Design is not as it looks, but how it works

    Txell Llorach eLearning Project Manager

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