Customised e-learning gamification

We like challenges, that’s why we like to gamify any kind of content. With gamification we manage to change the perspective of training and an increase in the finalisation of the training content.

No more complications

Your easy and one-click e-learning platform

Discover the innovative gamification strategy for training content and take your learning experience to the next level. Our platform makes learning an exciting adventure, where every achievement is a victory and every challenge an opportunity to grow.

Develop skills, earn rewards, and achieve your training goals in a fun and educational way.
Discover how gamification is changing the way you learn, making it more engaging and effective than ever!


We create your customised content

Fun and learning, are the perfect combination.



We educate through stories so that they can feel identified with them.



We create challenges adapted to each student’s situation to keep them motivated.



We add animation to characters, scenarios or feedbacks to create an immersive experience.



We like to reward users so their motivation continues to grow and they progress through the course.



We can retrieve personalised information from our courses to detect needs in order to correct and improve.

Music and sounds

Music and sounds

One of the most important resources to achieve a good integration into the story.

Vídeo trailer

Video tráiler

There’s no better way to build hype than with a good trailer. We created an initial trailer for the course presentation.

Internal marketing

Internal marketing

We help you to create visual resources to present the course in a better and more attractive way.



Missions and challenges

We distribute the content in missions and challenges for the student to overcome. It is a resource used in thousands of games that provides extra motivation and energy to keep learning. Depending on the need, we adapt the difficulty to achieve a higher completion and learning rate.


We reward successes with personalised feedbacks

Creamos juegos con preguntas, temporizadores, puntos, desbloqueo de retos y obtención/pérdida de vidas basadas en cuestionarios según las necesidades de cada proyecto.

Rewards are excellent for reinforcement or for introducing content using feedback in a pedagogical way.

Ejemplos de contenidos

Shall we go on?

We show you some of the top works from our collection.
Take a spìn!


Do not hesiste asking

any question yoy may have

¿Qué pasa si no tengo contenido previo?

That’s OK, we have instructional designers who are able to create the content.

In a SCORM course that contains video, do you also make the videos?

Yes, we have an audiovisual production team that is in charge of making all kinds of videos: Motion Graphics, animated videos, recordings, tutorials, etc.

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