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We are official MEC facilitators, your Moodle Educator Certification.

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What is Moodle Educator Certification?

This comprehensive programme is designed to improve your skills
online learning, if you are an experienced Moodle user
as an educator, this is the most appropriate certification for you.
We offer Moodle Educator Certification in English,
Catalan and Spanish.

By obtaining this certificate you will be able to certify your knowledge of Moodle as an Educator. This certificate will enhance your reputation. It puts you on the right track to advance your career with credentials that demonstrate your online learning and digital skills.

A little more

All you need about the MEC


It offers an education


MEC courses


Improves the quality of your courses by contributing to a better learning experience for your students.

MEC Educational programmes

Educational programmes

Increases the quality of your organisation’s educational programmes, using the appropriate technological and pedagogical resources.

MEC Cases and examples

Cases and examples

Learn about a case and examples
of application carried out
by other educators
that are
Moodl users.


Train to improve

your professional career

MEC Competences


MEC is based on the widely based and accepted European Framework of Digital Competences for Educators (DigCompEdu),

MEC efficiency


Become a more prepared and effective professional by designing a quality teaching – learning experience.

MEC Reputation


Enhance your reputation with official recognition of your Moodle course management skills.

MEC Acknowledgement


Earn a badge for each of the six modules in addition to the Moodle Ecducator Certificate.


Guided training

for educators


Professional competences
for educators


Pedagogical competences
for educators



MEC list of competences

Do you want to obtain the MEC certificate?

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Thank you very much! The feedback on the deliveries was very helpful to me. I really liked the way the course was designed and if there are new opportunities in the future regarding other advanced Moodle courses, I would be interested in enrolling.

Gemma Rodríguez

I really enjoyed the programme and I think I am learning a lot. Thank you very much for your help

Raúl Barros

Thank you for the support provided during the programme. It was a gift to share this experience and learning with you. I really enjoyed doing this course.

Marc García

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