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Integrate your Moodle with WordPress and automate the management of your courses

All in one

Easily sell your Moodle courses with WooCommerce

and automate management

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We put the pieces together

so that you can create your course catalogue integrated with Moodle and take advantage of all the benefits.

Multi-use shops

Sell any type of course, ebook or video training anywhere in the world.

Payment Gateways

Take advantage of multiple payment gateways and apply discounts and coupons.

Single Sign on

Connect Moodle and WordPress with Single Sign On.


Manage and automatically register users from WordPress to Moodle.

Highest performance

Maximise the performance of your Moodle platform and WordPress website with our bespoke support.

Improved management

Improve management, automate processes, and save time.

Grouped purchasing

Easily sell course packages for multiple students and enable third party purchases.

Course synchronisation

Automatically update your course information on your website.


We create course and product sheets tailored to your needs.


Want to simplify the management of your online courses?

Joining forces: Integrating and enhancing Moodle with WordPress.

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Combines the best of both worlds

Find out how to integrate your Moodle platform with WordPress and automate your courses effectively. With this integration, you get the best of both worlds: the robustness and flexibility of Moodle together with the versatility and ease of use of WordPress.

You can centralise your course content and provide a more complete learning experience for your students by integrating Moodle with WordPress. Automates the process of course creation, student enrolment, and tracking, all from a single integrated platform.

Strengthen your education platform

Use WordPress features to create attractive, customised pages for your courses, improve the user experience and increase student engagement. And by automating administrative tasks, you can spend more time creating quality content and developing innovative teaching strategies.

Integrating your Moodle with WordPress is the perfect way to simplify online course management and maximise the impact of your education platform. Streamline your teaching and learning process today and take your courses to the next level with this powerful integration!

Enhancing the educational platform


Do not hesiste asking

any question yoy may have

I already have a Moodle platform and a WordPress website to host my courses. Can I get it?

We connect the pieces with Smatx so you can create your course catalogue integrated with Moodle and automatically enrol students.

What happens if I don’t have a website on WordPress?

If you don’t have your own WordPress website, we can help you with a bespoke project to create the website you need and keep it up to date. We can quickly and easily create your website from 3iPunt. More information

What if my website has no online shop?

If you already have a WordPress website but don’t have an online shop, we can customise it with a solution that allows you to sell your courses and products from your website in a simple, practical, and complete way.

Is it compatible with all Moodle versions?

To use Smatx you will need a supported version of Moodle or Moodle Workplace and an up-to-date version of WordPress. If not, we can help you upgrade the necessary parts.


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