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Fresk, the graphical theme for Moodle

Own development

Why with us?

Premium Partner Quality

Certification by the manufacturer of the quality of the level of service offered.

Quick to install

We set up the custom Fresk theme in 2 weeks.


Direct access to RoadMap information, security and developed functionality. And a direct support channel.


Fresk is a unique graphical theme, designed by Moodle experts with years of experience, and offers a unique user experience.

Constant development

Fresk evolves with you and you can count on all the new features and improvements as they become available.


Always up to date with new Moodle versions and features.


Theme for Moodle and Workplace

Compatible with Moodle

Want to refresh the look and feel of your Moodle platform and improve the learning experience for your students? With Fresk, you can grab your students’ attention and create an engaging and effective learning environment with the perfect Moodle template or theme.

Compatible with Workplace

Do you want to give your Moodle platform a more professional and modern look and feel to match your organisation’s needs? You’re in the right place! Provide a learning experience for your employees.

Want to improve the look and feel, usability and functionality of your
learning platform?

Added value

What makes Fresk different?

FRESK allows you to customise and improve the presentation of courses and their sections.

  • Intuitive visualisation of key course indicators and metrics.
  • Start and end dates of the course.
  • Customise sections within the course for better organisation.

Facilities for you



Enhance your brand image with a professional graphic theme.


A theme adapted and customised to your needs.


Always up to date with personalized support and training included.

User experience

User Friendly. Simple and intuitive user experience.


100% responsive on all devices and browsers.


You will be able to change the appearance settings yourself.

What I can do with Fresk


ColoursCustomise menu logos, backgrounds, bars, icons, …
LogosAdd logo and Favicon for maximum customisation
TypographiesCustomise different fonts for titles and subtitles
SlidersAdd and customise an image carousel
FootersCreate and customise your footer
Course formatsCustomise and organise your course sections
ImagesAdd covers for your courses and teacher images
Progress barShows the progress of the course in
a clear way
Navigation barCustomise home page
Content widthCustomise the way content is displayed


Why Fresk

FRESK for Moodle or Workplace can be crucial for improving the user experience and optimising the online learning environment. A well-designed theme not only provides a visually appealing look and feel, but also facilitates navigation and accessibility, helping students and teachers to focus on the educational content rather than on complicated interfaces.

As a customisable theme, it can be adapted to the specific needs of each educational institution, allowing for the seamless integration of its visual identity and additional functionalities that enrich the learning experience.

FRESK has been developed to offer a visually attractive structure, and with the additional functionality of FRESK GRID you will not only find the possibility to customise the platform, but you can also count on a development that will allow you to personalise and improve the presentation of the courses and their sections.

It also helps standardise the platform, which simplifies staff training and system administration, allowing for more effective implementation and a more consistent user experience.


Do not hesiste asking

any question yoy may have

Is FRESK compatible with all versions of Moodle and Workplace?

Yes, FRESK is compatible with all supported versions of 
Moodle and Moodle Workplace.

Can I watch a demo?

Yes, please contact us.

What does support or upgrades consist of?

You will have all of our experience to configure, train, and keep the theme up to date with new Moodle versions, improvements and new features.

Can I have Fresk installed on my pre-production and production site?


How do I download it?

Please contact us.


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