Branded Moodle App,
take online training with you

Students want to learn at their own pace, in a wide variety of formats, on their preferred device and offline. That is why the Moodle Mobile App is a must.

Branded Moodle App


You won’t believe it,

Studying on your mobile has never been so easy!

Improve brand credibility

Improve credibility for your brand.


Modern-looking design, in line with recent tendencies to make text easier to read.

Usage data with reports

It allows you to understand student behaviourand view usage data with real-time reporting.

advanced notifications

Keep students up to date wit advanced notifications.

Commitment analysis

Has access analyses of student engagement.


It is GDPR compliant, therefore it provids protection for the privacy of pupils.

Exclusive functions

Branded Moodle App

Small details make the difference.

Create your digital experience

With the Branded Moodle App you can turn training into a great digital experience for learners and educators, for all devices.

Download your own app on Google Play and App Store and make training easier for your students.

Design Moodle app


Keep learning without an internet connection.



There is no limit to the number of active devices for push notifications.



A separate hosting space on Moodle’s GDPR compliant infrastructure.

Full personalisation


Full branding of the app with your name and logo on Google Play and App Store, giving you brand visibility.

Quick access to your calendar

Quick access
to your calendar

Quick and easy access to your calendar, allowing you to easily check the status of individual and group activities or events.

a single application

A single

A single application can be adapted to institutions across multiple locations.


Do not hesitate to ask

any questions you may have.

How can I access Moodle from my phone?

There are two ways to use Moodle via a smartphone (or tablet). The first is to use your mobile browser to go to your Moodle login page and access the site as you would on a computer.
However, for a better user experience, you can download the Moodle app from the iOS or Android app shops and access your Moodle from the App.

How to use the Moodle App?

Once your Moodle site has the app functionality enabled, all you need to do is download and install the Moodle mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and then log in with your usual username and password.

Is the Moodle App free?

The free version of the Moodle application is available, and supports up to 2 offline courses per device and push notifications for up to 50 users.
For bigger Moodle sites, there are a number of payment options available depending on the exact requirements, including a fully customisable and branded application.

Does Moodle App let me work offline?

Of course! Keep learning without Internet, access offline content on the move or when your Internet connection is unstable.

Can I send notifications to my users’ mobile phones?

Yes, the Branded Moodle App offers GDPR-compliant protection for your students’ privacy with your own independent hosting space. This will allow you to send notifications without any problems, both on iOS and Android.

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