Quality (December 2023)

3iPunt aims to provide a quality service that is a true reflection of each client’s expectations in telecommunications network development, meeting all requirements, thus ensuring total satisfaction, and therefore the long-term success of 3iPunt.

All this will be carried out with absolute respect for the environment and with care and rigorousness in preventing occupational hazards, providing the necessary resources to do so.

The Quality Guide is intended to be an effective tool for achieving the above-mentioned objectives. Therefore, it establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

  1. The quality of service, the respect for the environment and safety at work, is the result of planned and systematic actions of PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in all the procedures of 3iPunt.
  2. The contractual requirements, wishes and expectations of public and private customers are the only criteria for setting the quality standard of our services.
  3. Each 3iPunt employee is responsible for the EFFECTIVEmanagement of quality, respect for the environment and compliance with the rules established to prevent accidents in their work and in the work of others.
    Those responsible for 3iPunt processes must PROMOTE the implementation of the Quality and Environmental policy and objectives, checking their execution through audits and encouraging continuous improvement in all areas of 3iPunt
  4. 3iPunt is actively committed to complying with all applicable legislation at all times, including environmental, labour and any other applicable legislation, to avoid any contamination that may occur, and to prevent damage and deterioration of health.
  5. The implementation of this policy requires the active integration of the entire 3iPunt team. For all these reasons, the Management considers MOTIVATION and TRAINING for QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT to be a priority.
  6. 3iPunt is committed to continuous improvement, prevention of environmental pollution, compliance with established legislation to prevent accidents in its work and in the work of others, and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and other commitments that the company has made to the environment. 3iPunt The company shall be required to sign up to voluntary or client agreements that apply to all its activities.

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