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Summer, the best time to plan your company training
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Summer, the best time to plan your company training

After a hard year of work, summer is a time to relax and take a few days off, but it is also a good time to plan for corporate training.

This time of year, when peak workloads are typically reduced, is the perfect time to improve your knowledge and learn new skills without the pressure of day-to-day work.

In their free time, many companies take advantage of this time to train their employees or hold meetings with them to draw conclusions to improve their skills and implement courses to improve their professionalism.

In the middle of the year, companies have not yet spent their training budgets, and through the subsidized training offered by Fundae, some of these apprenticeships can be completed.

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Once we have decided to do an apprenticeship, we are faced with lack of time, distractions, etc. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about summer training for both the employee and the company.

plan summer training

What are the benefits of summer learning?


More and more people are choosing to train during the summer in a more relaxed environment, away from the stress of everyday life and with lots of fellow vacationers. There are even those who choose to enjoy the beach or swimming pool at the same time they are getting some corporate training.


The intense working days of the summer months leave more free time, which many use to rest and engage in some form of exercise. We have greater availability and performance when it comes to learning.

Post-holiday syndrome

If the break is longer than usual, it is usually more difficult to get back into the work routine, so if we take courses in the summer, it will not be so expensive to get back to normal.


When we are in a relaxing environment with more daylight, we are more alive and receptive. Our bodies have more energy at this time of year and our retention capacity increases significantly.

Why is summer the best time to invest in corporate training?

As we have already mentioned, during the holiday season we have more time, we are more productive and it is a good time to plan courses.

Certainly at this point in the year we have some conclusions about the needs of the company and we can stop to make a good planning that in the months of maximum work performance we can not afford.

summer learning

It is time to work with employees to set training goals, address their weaknesses, and help them grow professionally to the benefit of the organization.

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In this planning, we also need to consider the online learning system where the courses will be uploaded for employees to take.

These online platforms offer interesting benefits, here are the three main ones.

  • Flexibility, everyone learns at their own pace
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for travel and equipment
  • Personalize training plans
  • Family reconciliation
  • Management simplification
  • Training Quality Control and Reporting

We encourage you to prepare your training strategy during this time so that your company’s professionals can continue to expand their knowledge.

Happy Summer!

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