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3ipunt, sponsor at WordCamp Barcelona 2023
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3ipunt, sponsor at WordCamp Barcelona 2023

After five years, WordCamp Barcelona is here again!

A conference of design and web development based on WordPress is to be held on May 5 and 6, where 3ipunt will have its place as a sponsor, as it did last year at WordCamp Europe 2022 in Oporto.

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world, as Amanda del Valle and Núria Ramoneda, two experienced developers, tell you in this video:

WordPress experts

Many years of work and extensive experience are behind us, which is why apart from being sponsors at events related to web design and development, we are going to WordCamp Barcelona 2023 as WordPress experts with our team of web developers. to share experience, knowledge and evolve together to always be at the forefront of the world of technologies and offer the best services in our projects.

We invite you to meet us in a relaxed way at our booth!

Our colleague Raúl Martínez, web developer and project manager at 3ipunt, is experienced and passionate about technology. In his own words: “I specialize in e-learning with both WordPress and Moodle. and I like everything that has to do with Open Source technology. I’ve been with WordPress since 2013 and I like public speaking.”.

So, Raúl, your time has come once again.

Advanced WordPress administration (presentation)

On May 6th at 3:45 pm, Raul will talk about how to manage WordPress from the command line (CLI).

Raúl martínez_talk

He will tell us about how to gain effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of certain tasks that are usually done by hand, using the WP-CLI tool.

There will be a theory introduction and then comes the best part, a live demonstration to show the attendees everything that can be done with this tool.
A pleasant and participative talk, as our colleague always does.

WordCamp Barcelona 2023 Program

Design, web development and wordpress conferences

In these days, other web development and WordPress professionals will join us for networking. In other words, a meeting between colleagues and professional colleagues enriches everyone.

This time we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of WordPress!

It is divided into two days, each with its own program.

WordPress Community Day: WordCamp Barcelona 2023 program, May 5

A day of collaboration around WordPress in which there will be different topics and different areas of WordPress development.

  • Accessibility
  • Design
  • Diversity
  • Documentation and Marketing
  • Photo
  • Initiation
  • Support
  • Translation
  • WordPress TV

It is organized in rounds of an hour and a half where there will be a table leader who will explain how the tasks of that topic work.

Open tables calendar

Speeches Day: WordCamp Barcelona 2023 Program, May 6

On the second day, presentations by professionals in the field are held. They are given in several languages: Catalan, Spanish, and English and divided by levels of knowledge: General, beginners, and advanced.

  • Web Usability: good practices in WordPress.
  • WordPress from scratch: first steps.
  • Trojan Horse: WordPress vulnerabilities.
  • Does Google love cats? The reality behind .cat domain positioning
  • Experimenting as much as possible with hooks (actions, filters) based on real cases.
  • Create your content strategy with ChatGPT without Google penalizing you.
  • Gutenberg workshop from scratch: let yourself be fooled with case studies.
  • Developer Handoff.
  • How we can make the WordPress project more sustainable.
  • In the code, as in the kitchen, the recipe must be followed.
  • Fostering the WordPress of tomorrow, today.
  • Tips for creating a multi-language website in WordPress.
  • Create configuration options in WordPress with ACF.
  • WordPress for creating cultural projects.
  • The block editor: from custom design to delivery to the end customer.
  • A/B testing with WordPress.
  • How WordPress helped an unskilled trainer scale her business.
  • Why do I have to fight for diversity in WordPress?
  • Ecommerce for dummies: What do I do?
  • Manage WordPress from the command line.
  • Create from scratch the transport strategy for your online store.
  • Understand and improve the speed of your WordPress website.
  • Secure the emails of your WordPress site with SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
  • Designing with space.
  • 10 + 2 accessibility basics.
  • Centralized management: an alternative to WordPress multisite?
  • Everything your website needs to comply with the regulations.
  • Use the site editor (FSE) to build your website and forget about visual builders.
  • Do you know PHP? Then create your own plugin.

After these two days, there will be a space reserved for acknowledgments, raffles, event closure, and an after-party with games and networking.

If you are interested, you can purchase your ticket here.

See you in Barcelona!

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