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Celebrating 20 years of eLearning and technology!
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Celebrating 20 years of eLearning and technology!

We are writing today to celebrate a very important date in our company: 20 years in the world of technology and eLearning!

Since we began this adventure more than 7,300 days ago, we have witnessed significant changes in society, technology and ourselves. Fashion has evolved, hairstyles have changed, mini-3punteros have been born and in the sporting field we have even witnessed two Barça triplets.

Antoni, Ebra and Pau, started 3ipunt in the Viver de Barcelona Activa, and a few years later they moved to an attic in c. Aragó in Barcelona, and from house to house they finally moved to c. València so that we could all fit in. And if that wasn’t enough, they decided to start a new adventure in Madrid.

During these two decades, we have had the opportunity to achieve a great deal, thanks to an exceptional team of people with a critical spirit, an insatiable curiosity to learn and a very high level of human and technical skills. This has enabled us to successfully tackle major projects and challenges in areas such as e-learning, web development, systems, marketing, and design.

LTI standardisation projects

We have distinguished ourselves through our contribution to standardisation with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). We have led projects that have facilitated the inclusion of access licence management in educational content through LTI.

    Integrating exeLearning into Moodle

    We have extended the functionality of the LMS by integrating tools such as exeLearning into Moodle. This integration allows users to edit assignments directly from the LMS, simplifying the process of creating and distributing open-source educational content.

      Interactive activities plugin

      In our constant quest to improve the learning experience, we have developed Kuet, a plugin that allows you to organise polls, get quick answers and immerse yourself in fun and competition, all in one place. This plugin provides teachers with an interactive and dynamic tool to engage students.

        Development of a portfolio linked to pedagogical competences

        We have created bespoke solutions for schools, including a portfolio that effectively integrates with educational skills.

          Launching own products

          We have carefully developed our products to improve educational learning. These include Goodle, Fresk and Smatx.

            Expanding boundaries

            We have expanded our presence beyond Barcelona, making contact with clients in Latin America, the USA and other countries.

              However, the founders had already anticipated all these milestones. What? You don’t know how they did it? We leave you the video for you to find out.

              At this moment of celebration, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you, our customers, partners, supporters, and friends. We could not have come this far without your support and trust. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to many more years of learning together. Because as you know, let’s eLearn together!

              So, on behalf of the entire 3ipunt team, we would like to say thank you! Thank you for being part of our family, for trusting us, and for being part of this exciting 20 year history.

              Let’s move forward together into a future full of learning!

              Thank you for being part of the 3ipunt family!

              3ipunt Team
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