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LTI: learn about it and its benefits
Portada_LTI: consists and benefits

LTI: learn about it and its benefits

Our Goal

Our goal is to demonstrate our knowledge and commitment to the e-learning world. For this reason, we gave two presentations on LTI standards at the MoodleMoot Global 2023 and 1EdTech Europe 2023 events, demonstrating our “commitment to the present and the future”.


Efficiently, reliably, and securely share and monetize content across platforms!

In online learning, there are times when we want to integrate third-party tools, resources, or content into our platform that require learners to log in to external applications that are not hosted in the LMS itself.

This is why 1EdTech, the organization in charge of defining standards for educational technology, developed the LTI protocol in 2008, the LTI protocol to which we are going to dedicate this article.

What is LTI?

LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability and is designed to enable the exchange of information between learning tools and systems from different software to ensure a better learning experience that is more fluid, stable and functional.

Since 2008, we have continued to evolve and now have LTI 1.3, a secure model that allows for expansion of the service.

Who uses LTI?

LTI protocols are used by professionals in the design and development of eLearning systems that adapt various technologies to facilitate the exchange of information from external applications.

What are the benefits of LTI?

LTI is very useful for publishers, institutions or organizations, public or private, that want to focus on their resources. This system allows for greater customization of learning management systems and increases the number of tools available, making them more complete, more functional, and ultimately, more efficient.

Another advantage of using the LTI protocol is that it allows to know how users interact in the courses and in the external sources they need to consult. This gives us the ability to plan future training to provide a better experience by seeing how people interact with the course.

Gracias a que la plataforma elearning mediante el protocolo LTI puede recibir información externa, podemos evitar la distracción del usuario, ya que no tiene que recurrir a un recurso externo. This way, the student has all the necessary material in the same LMS for a complete and integrated learning experience.


Did you know that 3iPunt has been recognized for actively participating in the definition and improvement of LTI standards at an international level?

LMS platforms using the LTI protocol

All LMS on the market such as Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Brightspace, etc. support LTI.

In particular, Moodle, the world’s most popular platform, is 100% compatible with LTI tools, and thanks to this protocol, this LMS can be integrated with external tools or resources without forcing learners to leave their Moodle environment.

Now that you know what LTI is, its benefits, and how it helps training projects where it is implemented, we encourage you to explore LTI tools and realize their potential.

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