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Moodle’s extensive global network of Moodle Partners are organisations that have met Moodle’s rigorous standards for customer service and technical competence. 3ipunt has been a Moodle Partner since 2017, and in 2021 we will become the first Moodle Partner in the world. Premium Partner in Spain.


3ipunt’s added value

Global context

We are in touch with Moodle partners all over the world, allowing us to keep abreast of EdTech trends worldwide.

Ensure knowledge

We ensure knowledge of the education solutions market, not only of Moodle but also of integration partners, particularly those working to improve the accessibility of the system, such as ReadSpeaker and Brickfield.



Manufacturer certification of the quality level of our services. HQ audits, reviews, and certifies our services to keep you at the forefront of quality.


We have direct access to RoadMap information, security, and developed functionality. As well as a direct support channel and personalised attention.


We have been in the eLearning world for more than 16 years and our ability to develop on other platforms and technologies offers an added value of quality and guaranteed experience to carry out the project with a total guarantee of success.


At 3ipunt we are not only an eLearning company, but multi-technology development runs through our veins and gives us a broader vision of Moodle projects and their integration with other developments.


Why should I hire a Moodle Partner?

Partners are Moodlecertified companies that offer complete elearning services. They don’t just deliver training courses, they create learning experiences in the LMS to get the most out of your online training, using all its resources and adapting to specific needs. This ensures the best results in virtual learning environments.

With a learning platform provider, you have a team of experts who can tailor the platform to meet your objectives, whether it is for training schools, training employees in companies or training new entrants to the workplace.


What is the difference with a Premium Partner?

We became the first Premium Partner in Spain. What distinguishes us as premium? The main difference is that Premium Partners can also offer Moodle Workplace, the enterprise LMS, whereas a Moodle Partner cannot. This platform includes several advanced and exclusive features to improve the training and skills development of people within the organisation.

Since 2019, the Moodle Certified Partner Awards have recognised the outstanding work of Moodle Certified Partners and Moodle Premium Certified Partners. Partners are recognised for their commitment to helping educational institutions and organisations transform or improve their eLearning platforms. In September 2021, 3iPunt received the Major Open Source Contributor to the Moodle Project award.

Do you want to make a step forward in your eLearning training?

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