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3ipunt participates in IntelliCon: the global event that celebrates data

3ipunt participates in IntelliCon: the global event that celebrates data

On Thursday, October 21, took place IntelliCon: the global event that celebrates data, of which 3ipunt is sponsor. Among the experts were, Cristiano Zerbinati (eLearning Project Manager) and Antonio Manzano (Fullstack Developer), colleagues at 3ipunt.

They discussed Goodle, a new model of integrated online training environment, based on Moodle, which allows us to offer customers a set of integrated tools, all open source, which provide functionalities that go beyond a regular LMS.

The proposed architecture was described, based on the integration of different open source tools, facilitating deployment in any platform chosen by the client through integration and continuous improvement.

In addition, to facilitate the transition between Google Classroom and the new Moodle platform, a new import tool for all class material was presented.

All this, applying DevOps methodologies, which allows us to know, not only the status of applications, but the application of business intelligence techniques and Big Data, with the aim of detecting patterns and improving student learning.

3ipunt participates in IntelliCon

Please feel free to send us an email to training@tresipunt.com, if you have any further questions!


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