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College of Pharmacists promotes lifelong learning with robust LMS
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College of Pharmacists promotes lifelong learning with robust LMS

An innovative approach to training and professional development

With a broad membership base and a dedicated team, the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona and Madrid is committed to providing high quality training tailored to the dynamic needs of its professionals. In its search for a Learning Management System (LMS) that could enhance its learning environment, the institution chose Moodle LMS, a flexible and scalable platform that has transformed its approach to teaching and learning.

Challenges and goals: Finding a comprehensive education solution

Before adopting Moodle LMS, the College of Pharmacists faced significant limitations with its previous platform. The lack of autonomy and flexibility to develop bespoke courses hampered the institution’s ability to meet the diverse needs of its members. In addition, migrating critical data to a new system was a major challenge, as any loss or corruption of data could have serious consequences.

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When the College of Pharmacists began its search for a new LMS, its main objective was to find a solution that would deliver:

  • Ease of use: For teachers and students alike, ensuring a smooth and accessible learning experience.
  • Continuous innovation: Adapting to the latest educational methods and tools to provide cutting-edge education.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Ability to adapt to the changing needs of the institution and to accommodate a growing number of users and courses.
  • Expert support: Work with a trusted partner to ensure smooth integration, data migration and ongoing support.

Moodle LMS: A platform that empowers teachers and learners

After a rigorous evaluation process, Moodle LMS was selected as the ideal choice for the College of Pharmacists. Its intuitive interface, robust features and focus on flexibility were a perfect match for the institution’s objectives. The strategic partnership with 3ipunt, a Moodle Premium Certified Partner with extensive experience in implementing and supporting the platform, ensured a smooth transition and ongoing support.


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Transformational results: Increased participation, satisfaction and performance

The implementation of Moodle LMS has had a significant impact on the continuing education and professional development of the College of Pharmacists:

  • Exceptional completion rates: Over 90% of paid course participants and over 60% of free course participants successfully complete their programmes, demonstrating high levels of engagement and satisfaction.
  • Proven scalability: The platform seamlessly handles courses with more than 500 students, reflecting its ability to scale to a large user base.
  • High levels of satisfaction: Participant surveys show average ratings of 9.5 and 8.5 out of 10 for ease of use and overall satisfaction respectively, highlighting the positive experience Moodle LMS provides.
  • Enriched learning opportunities: Features such as gamification, professional development tools, and mobile learning have improved engagement, retention, and knowledge acquisition.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration: Improved communication channels between students and teachers have fostered a more interactive and supportive learning environment.
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A role model for continuing education

The College of Pharmacists of Barcelona and Madrid has become an example of how Moodle LMS can transform continuing education and professional development. By leveraging the platform’s flexible and scalable capabilities, the institution has empowered its faculty and students to deliver a personalised, engaging and effective learning experience. This success story demonstrates the potential of the Moodle LMS to drive innovation and success in further education.

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