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Educational metaverse
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Educational metaverse

Government of Spain and AEI cluster

The project aims to develop a prototype educational metaverse that provides real-world educational content in the areas of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Such content will be integrated into innovative virtual and augmented reality environment technologies,with virtual assistants, organised into activities within an open and standard Learning Management System (LMS) software to track learners’ progress and achievements, and to personalise and tailor content to learners. This software, in turn, is supported by a Web 3 platform that generates and securely and immutably stores students’ certifications and academic achievements through blockchain technology.

Evidence-based adaptation of educational content to the metaverse can reduce the costs of traditional technologies (discarded use cases, waste reduction, etc.) as well as address competencies and skills in use cases that are difficult to address with traditional learning technologies (e.g., security simulations).

The project will have an impact on the competitiveness of the consortium members, as well as on the quality of education and training, not only in universities and other types of educational centers that can benefit from these technologies (formal education, vocational training, etc.), but also in the training of professionals and the incorporation of virtual and augmented reality tools by indirect customers, such as small and medium-sized companies that use or transition to these technologies in their training and production processes.

In summary, the project proposes the following objectives:

  • The development of a truly integrated educational metaverse with LMS and certification, focusing on university content related to architecture and industry (product design with digital fabrication).
  • Develop and evaluate them according to the latest research on improving learning outcomes, competencies, and skills.
  • That as a product it serves as the basis for an extensible and marketable product.
  • That as a development methodology it will serve as a framework for future evidence-based metaverse projects.
  • This is evidenced by the improvement in the education of professionals in fields and industries, as well as companies that have already incorporated or plan to incorporate Metaverse technologies into their internal training, production, and business processes.
  • To contribute to the improvement of higher education that can be extended to the business world.
  • To contribute to the integration of technologies for the improvement of the training of professionals and SMEs, in order to meet the objectives of sustainable development, as well as the objectives of the digitalization agenda and social inclusion.
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