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Flexible and scalable learning with Moodle Workplace
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Flexible and scalable learning with Moodle Workplace

A new success, this time from EIT Climate-KIC and a thank you for the trust they put in 3iPunt to develop a flexible learning environment.

In supporting climate education, the EIT Climate-KIC has been asked to facilitate in-house learning and to serve professionals who want to develop skills related to climate change. Their education system needed an overhaul, and as a Moodle Premium Partner, we were able to work with them on their project to provide a more innovative and effective solution.

EIT Climate-KIC training needs

Their LMS has been used primarily by teachers and partners to empower high school students to engage in and solve the climate crisis. The European Union agency recently wanted to add more courses to the LMS to facilitate internal learning and to accommodate professionals who wanted to learn about climate change and acquire climate change-related skills.

In summary, the EIT Climate-KIC needed to scale up the development of its courses and make them more flexible and easier to use, in order to achieve its goal of changing mindsets and promoting climate knowledge and to propose an educational solution for doing so.

Moodle Workplace for climate education

After evaluating their specific requirements and the current system, Moodle Workplace was chosen to provide a comprehensive solution for their internal training.

climate-kic login
Login - climate kic tenant 2

This corporate Moodle allows you to provide users with personalized workspaces, each with its own structure, look and feel, and different learning units.

Login RELAI - tenant3

They have been able to integrate into their educational offer certain modifications that are adapted to the specific needs of each of their students.

climatekic course start
course start- tenant1

Since the integration of Moodle Workplace as a learning system, EIT Climate-KIC has not only improved its climate education but also increased its productivity significantly.

Moodle Workplace’s capabilities are revolutionizing corporate training, and its customization and personalization features have made this success story possible.

Moodle in the workplace

With Moodle Workplace, organizations have the ability to create fully customized learning experiences to meet their business objectives.

The Corporate Training LMS is already present in many companies where all types of training are offered:

  • Onboarding new employees: This process is simplified when you provide a centralized platform for new employees to access resources, complete courses related to their new role, and take assessments to demonstrate their learning and competency.
  • Measurable learning: Custom and analytical reports from Moodle Workplace allow us to quickly measure learner engagement, progress, and more. This data can be used to make decisions about the student.
  • Compliance and certification: Employees can be automatically notified when certifications expire. Compliance reports also make it easy to generate reports on the status of each employee.
  • Personalized learning paths: This LMS provides personalized paths so that each learner receives specific training.
  • Catalog of Professional Development Courses: Retaining talent and developing professionals is a way to provide differentiated value in the organization. With Moodle Workplace you can offer professional development courses where they can choose their next challenge.
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