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Next step: digital renewal. More intuitive and modern applications

Next step: digital renewal. More intuitive and modern applications

Óptica del Penedés, better known as Òptica & Audiologia Universitària, is a company with nearly 30 years of experience in the distribution and commercialization of vision and hearing products and services. 

Due to their long experience in the field, they considered it necessary to start a digital renovation.

3ipunt’s goal is to help the client to carry out this digital renovation, performing maintenance and migration of old applications using some of the most modern technologies, such as Angular.

The main objective is to migrate all the applications the company currently uses to others that are more intuitive for the staff of workshops and stores. The company’s only requirement was that the applications should be developed with Angular.

The first challenge we faced consisted of transforming technologies that were becoming obsolete and which we have been replacing with more modern and efficient ones.

The second challenge was having to develop with Angular. 3ipunt has the knowledge, but even so, the original team was expanded and trained to cope with the project demand. 

The customization done by the team has consisted in making customized applications, according to the user’s needs, giving it a more modern and intuitive touch, while preserving the essence of the previous applications. 

The work carried out with the user experience and interface design team has been key for achieving a customization that fully meets the needs of the client and the users.

To date, two applications have been migrated and a third is currently being migrated, but there is still a lot of work ahead, the customer is satisfied and the volume of work continues to grow.

If you want to digitally transform your company, using the most advanced technologies on the market, contact us through our website or by email contacte@tresipunt.com so we can guide you through the process, offering the solution that best suits your needs.

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