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Road to Moodle 4.0
road to moodle 4.0

Road to Moodle 4.0

Road to Moodle 4.0! On Tuesday, February 15, Guillermo Gómez, Pau Plana and Txell Llorach from 3ipunt talked at RAMU (Network of Moodle Administrators in Universities). During an hour, the main features of Moodle 4.0 were presented, the impact it will have on the platforms in the universities, and the strategies to follow to upgrade from previous versions were analyzed.

The shared knowledge between 3ipunt and RAMU has been an exciting, inspiring and enriching experience, which will surely improve the Moodle community.

Below we have recapped what was discussed during the session:

  • Activities and resources
    • The new Report Builder
    • The Question Bank plugin
  • Plugins
    • How to adapt to Moodle 4.0
  • Development
    • Which developments will be most affected by the change
  • Transition
    • Which transition strategies are best
  • UX
    • How UX affects our themes
  • Migration
    • Which are the most important points during migration
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