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Success case with PENSA (Erasmus+)

Success case with PENSA (Erasmus+)


The project for Teacher Professionalization using Digital Technology to support Autonomy and Citizenship (PENSA) addresses two current issues in higher education and society. 

The first one is the need for training and an infrastructure to deliver blended, online and/or hybrid (i.e. in-class teaching simultaneously streamed to online students) teaching during the pandemic

The second issue is the need to educate youngsters to the implications in the use of social networking websites (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) at psychological, sociological, economical, and ideological levels.

The PENSA project addresses these issues with an overall approach of openness, both in the direction of open education and open source platforms. 


The main objective is to provide Open Source training and tools to all teachers. Those teachers will be trained to integrate blended and hybrid teaching in their classes, with the integration of telecollaboration and virtual exchange on topics related to digital citizenship. 

Through these actions, PENSA will involve 400 students across Europe in developing their digital competence, multilingual competence, collaborative skills, and learner autonomy.

In addition to this main objective, four more objectives were added:

  • A literature review on teacher training for the integration of ICT and for education to digital citizenship.
  • An open course for teacher training for the pedagogic activities described above.
  • Two sets of open educational resources to implement virtual exchange adopting either the pedagogy of inquiry or collaborative creative writing.
  • Open source functionalities for open source platforms for teaching and training, such as Moodle, BigBlueButton and Mahara; to make those platforms more interoperable and to adapt them to hybrid teaching.

How is 3ipunt involved in the project?

3ipunt will lead the technological part of the project, designing and creating an educational platform that can facilitate all teaching-learning actions from a collaborative perspective and promoting an ecosystem of open source educational applications.

Thanks to 3ipunt, teachers who lead the project will be oriented and prepared with the required tools to promote the use of ICT in innovative collaborative learning environments that help create digital citizenship.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, based on a wide experience in the creation of online educational environments in the ICT field, and with the seal of Moodle Premium Partners, unique for leading companies in the field of Moodle, 3ipunt will collaborate in this ambitious European educational project co-building knowledge to promote an online education adapted to the needs of a society in continuous evolution and that requires innovative, agile and democratic models.

For more information about the PENSA Erasmus+ project, you can visit this other article

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