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Moodle Workplace Customization

Moodle Workplace Customization

One of the exclusive advantages of being a Moodle Premium Partner is the possibility to distribute Moodle Workplace

This platform is focused on a more business environment, although from 3ipunt we turned it upside down so it became a platform for a leading institution in the nursing sector, which will serve to manage all its procedures, both at the level of consultation for hospital employees, as well as consultation and evaluation for students of the university that is involved in the project.

To make it possible, breaking with Moodle visual “standards” was essential, as it was necessary to change the look and feel as much as possible, compared to the educational Moodle platform the university is already using. So be it, we have developed a completely customized visual theme; and that is a big challenge when talking about Moodle Workplace!

Now, this portal has a very specific functionality, the ability to search, so we had to conduct a lot of customized development, such as: being able to filter by the last modified procedures (courses), add a favorite procedures section where users can add any procedures they wish to, count with a dynamic search box in the Dashboard, searching by title, short name or tags throughout all the procedures.

Same way, but static, in the Course Administration area there is a search box working likewise.

We also had to apply very specific settings with users who have access to everything, but with other users that have assigned procedures and, consequently, are the only ones who can see and have access to evaluation items, and the results of these assessments are sent through an integration via LTI, to the university Moodle platform.

Back to the Dashboard, users can filter by all those procedures that have been assigned to them, and they will also have a new tab called Learning paths.

Furthermore, each procedure has a completely customized Private notes section, as well as a visual customization of the plugin H5P, aligned to the platform visual style.

Finally, there is also a customized error page, that could be displayed when the links to related procedures, located within a course, are temporarily unavailable.

Last but not least, we also count with  very specific and user-focused settings for each different user role the platform includes.

If you wish to know more about the Moodle Workplace services we offer from 3ipunt, visit our website, or send an email to contacte@tresipunt.com.

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