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Tips for a perfect instructional design in elearning
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Tips for a perfect instructional design in elearning

Training always aims to achieve the goal: that all users learn effectively and are able to acquire skills and knowledge.

Instructional design has recently become a critical element in the success of e-learning training.

Instructional design phases

Instructional design is broken down into essential steps, which we will unpack in this article, that are fundamental to improving online teaching practices and creating engaging experiences.

5 Phases of Instructional Design


In the first phase, we need to think about the general aspects and context of teaching.

It is important to identify the problem to be solved and the goals we want the students to achieve. The profiles of the users to be trained, the training to be provided, their limitations, their age range, and the time available must be taken into account.

In this phase it is also necessary to define which e-learning platform is the most appropriate for the training to be conducted, where the points to be evaluated will be defined, and if it has the library of resources and activities we need to facilitate the courses.


Once the general aspects discussed above have been analyzed, we move on to designing the strategy to achieve the goals we defined in the analysis phase.
To design a study plan, we will look at what topics will be evaluated, what delivery dates will be used, what pedagogical strategy will be used, and of course, at this stage, the course content will be graphically designed.

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Depending on the information technology chosen, the development will be one way or another.

The learning environment and supporting documentation are created during the instructional development phase. We have to write the content, choose which resources to use (graphics, visuals, multimedia, etc.), and how to do the assessments in the Learning Management System (LMS).

instructional development


At this point, we have all the materials and the training program is developed and published. Now it is time to deliver the training.

Through tutorials or meetings, tutors can be taught the best way to work with the materials and use the training system, so that it is not a handicap and the use of the platform and training is smooth.


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Once the students have completed the course, it is time to evaluate how efficient it has been.

With the data analytics provided by LMSs, we can measure results and determine whether the goals set in the first phase of instructional design have been met.

This way we can rethink the program if necessary.


The world of instructional design is all about creating an effective and engaging learning experience. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to each of the phases in order to achieve success.

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