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5 elearning trends 2023
elearning trends

5 elearning trends 2023

E-learning has evolved and it is time to evaluate how we have worked in the past year and how to get the most out of e-learning strategies for 2023. For this reason, we have written this article in which we summarize the 5 e-learning trends for you to make the most of your distance learning courses.

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A very recent concept, a game of words that refers to looking towards the future but without forgetting the past. A kind of balance between the digital business and the traditional world.

In terms of teaching, this means that with the educational experience from which we start, we are able to combine and evolve with digital media, thus allowing us to complete training courses capable of competing in an industry in the midst of a digital revolution.
It is necessary to carry out, beforehand, a study of objectives in order to implement this e-learning strategy. Once the study has been completed, the technological tools must be designed to achieve them.

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Metaverse and learning

Through the virtual universe or metaverse, study, socialization, and work activities can be carried out with a common factor: the human being as the protagonist, where realistic experiences are put into practice with theoretical learning.

Studying through first-person experiences generates a more lasting learning experience. What we have experienced, we remember.

This trend in e-learning enhances the ability to solve real problems in a virtual environment, thus developing problem-solving skills for real-life situations.

Metaverse and image learning

Mobile learning

We are talking about a type of learning that uses any mobile device.

With statistics indicating that the number of mobile users worldwide exceeds 6 billion, education and training have not been able to close their eyes to this reality.

This is a trend in previous years and is on the rise, turning these devices into an ally when it comes to teaching.

This training and learning strategy has given way to an educational change adapting to the demands of the 21st century, a good alternative, on the other hand, for teachers in the classroom.

The main features are connectivity, accessibility, and flexibility, allowing remote training at any time and in any place.

Every elearning platform must nowadays be adapted to the mobile version.

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E-Learning and analytics

It is advisable to analyze e-learning content in order to design user experiences that are appropriate to the type of people for whom distance learning is intended.

This is why it is so important to measure it using learning analytics tools where analytics professionals evaluate the training and draw conclusions to create new, more adapted experiences that guarantee quality learning.

Moodle LMS, the elearning platform by excellence, has undergone an evolution in the user experience in its latest version: Moodle 4.1.
Our team of Moodle developers summarizes in this video the new features of Moodle 4.1.

Learning Loops

Learning loops refer to a circular system based on personalization: one situation and one learner.

Generally, once the learning cycle is finished, improvements are applied and the process starts again, including what has already been learned and evolving the spiral.

Learning loop image

The Learning Loop is developed in four phases:

  1. Learn
  2. Apply what has been learned
  3. Analyze what we have achieved with what we have learned and whether we have applied it correctly.
  4. Review the results to plan the next loop

Learning loops can be used in the field of education, in the business world, in productivity or in any field that has to do with problem-solving, etc.

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