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Integration of own content in Moodle

Integration of own content in Moodle

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La Salle is a worldwide educational institution established in almost a hundred countries and with about 120 centers in Spain and Portugal. La Salle schools are named because of San Juan Bautista de La Salle. 

The project we are currently developing is part of the NLC (New Learning Context, created by La Salle), and focuses on the integration of content in a Moodle platform.



La Salle Arlep required a different and alternative way to present its contents in their Moodle platform as part of its new pedagogical project. It is intended for different educational levels, with various types of content (activities, resources, etc.) and several forms of presentation (projections, outlines, books and PDFs).


3ipunt worked together with La Salle development team to create a solution that allows the structure and contents of the pedagogical project to be displayed in the Moodle platform of each educational institution.

It was very important to achieve a great visual that would capture the user’s attention, and at the same time, provide clarity and simplicity for the lectures. This new method adapts to different devices, from Chromebook to widescreen displays.

All content used in Moodle is created in La Salle content generation systems and is displayed to different profiles based on an innovative structure and a completely customized frontend, designed from scratch together by 3ipunt and La Salle.

The platform is completely tailor-made, adapted to their needs. The solution does not exist in the Moodle core, and Moodle standards (plugins and theme) were combined with the service that the client requested. Additionally, a PDF printing service was created.

Thanks to this project, this 360º team developed a completely customized and exclusive solution that adapts to the client needs and business goals.



By developing an appearance theme for the frontend and a local plugin for the backend, 3ipunt managed to integrate into Moodle all the structure and content coming from NLC.

The project currently provides service to 2,200 students and 31 schools, with the projection of increasing the number of users during the next academic year, including all levels at High School, two years ahead.

Please feel free to send us an email to contacte@tresipunt.com, if you have any further questions!

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