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The My Big Campus project of the Tamarind Tree school in India
my big campus

The My Big Campus project of the Tamarind Tree school in India

Thanks to being Moodle Partners we are in contact with all partners worldwide and we find out about interesting projects that are carried out everywhere. 

Among them, technological projects stand out, and others that have the vocation to help e-learning to reach as many users as possible and facilitate education at all levels. One of them is the My Big Campus project, in which you can participate, either directly as volunteers or by spreading it. 

Tamarind Tree, a school based for local children in Dahanu, India (kindergarten – grade 10) developed an entire digital ecosystem using open educational resources and open source software including Moodle LMS.  Students attending Tamarind Tree are now learning online on Tamarind’s Moodle, My Big Campus

This platform, defined as a school without walls, is providing children equity of access through the COVID pandemic.

In early 2021,  My Big Campus was opened up to the public, free of charge. And not only it is being used by the 150 students of the Tamarind Tree School, but children from all over India are joining courses delivered by volunteer teachers.

If you want to contribute to this project, you have two ways to do so:

  1. Become a volunteer teacher: Anyone who can teach Digital Literacy, Maths, Science or any other skill is welcome to volunteer. You will have to develop a short term course on My Big Campus and deliver your course by contacting Nomad.
  2. Student acquisition: Spread awareness of My Big Campus and the opportunity for Indian school aged children to attend school virtually and free of charge! You can do this by sharing Facebook and Twitter content from Tamarind Tree and My Big Campus!

For further information, please take a look at this video, which explains My Big Campus project in detail.

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