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What is an interactive video? Examples and tips
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What is an interactive video? Examples and tips

Both in companies and in schools, interactive video is becoming more and more widespread, as our society needs to interact. In education centers it is a very useful tool at early ages and as a learning method in our jobs, encouraging the participation of employees in professional careers.

But what is an interactive video? In this article we will explain it in detail and how we can include them in our courses.

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video is audiovisual content with active participation by the target users. Through this participation, the storyline of the video is generated, therefore, this type of content gives rise to richer resources, in addition to adapting to the needs of the user, since he is the one who interacts and decides the development of the video.

Goals of interactive videos in training

Because interactive videos promote this interaction with users, it is a practice that is increasingly applied in companies and educational centers.

We are going to list the main objectives pursued with this type of educational resource.

  • Encourage student or employee participation.
  • More engaging and fun content (e-learning gamification)
  • Improves learning experiences
  • Added value in training
  • Increased success rate in the completion of courses
interactive video image

What are the benefits of using interactive videos in e-learning?

Keeping the user’s attention throughout the online training is beneficial to achieve a good success rate. One of the ways to maintain that attention is the use of this type of resource since the “playability” factor creates a dynamism that traditional video does not achieve.

So, what do we get and what are the benefits of an interactive video?

  • The video is played in full
  • With active user participation, elearning content is retained better
  • Customization to each user level
  • Generates student motivation

Types of interactive videos in e-Learning

Video tests

Multiple-choice or single-choice test questions can be included so that the user actively participates in the video playback.

Video Gamification

Through customized scenarios, the user can take on different challenges and overcome them. The user interacts with the different characters and, depending on his or her decisions, progresses.


The user is the main protagonist and, depending on his decisions, he chooses one path or another.

Tips for creating interactive videos

To create this interactive activity requires a great audiovisual qualification, so we are going to see a series of tips to achieve effective interactive videos.

  • Planning of ideas that we want to show in the video and how we are going to capture them in the video.
  • To create interactive videos it is important to know the type of audience to whom it is addressed
  • Videos should be simple and with a good user experience (UX).
  • To increase the effectiveness of the video, include games within the video.

There are several tools to create interactive videos, maybe this article may interest you: Easily create interactive activities in Moodle with H5P

Examples of interactive videos

Here are some examples of interactive videos that our design team has developed for our clients. If you need to design your interactive video, contact us!

image example onboarding
Example 3 interactive video
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