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4 keys to choose an e-learning platform
portada_4 keys to choosing an elearning platform

4 keys to choose an e-learning platform

When considering the choice of an online training platform, there are a number of issues to consider in order to make the right choice and feel confident with your chosen LMS.

For this, and because we are dedicated to the world of digital training, we are going to give you some keys.

Who will manage the platform?

Perhaps the most important point.
At the administrative level, we need to think about the people who will be managing the online training system. We therefore need to know the level of technological knowledge they have in order to decide on one environment or another and to know if the management of the same can be done by us or if we need a team of experts in e-learning platforms to upload content, enroll students, etcetera.

So there are two types of educational systems:

  • Commercial e-learning LMS platforms where learners subscribe and are managed by the company providing the subscription.
  • Open Source LMS platforms. These are the learning systems where you are in complete control, and although the provider offers maintenance and support, the administration of the system can be done by yourself.

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Importing learning content from another platform

As mentioned above, the e-learning content may already be on another platform and we want to have it on the new acquisition.

Import training content

Depending on which type of tool we choose, we can do the migration automatically, or it can be more tedious, requiring manual uploading of content and even the possibility of not being able to do so and having to create the course material from scratch.

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If we have SCORM content, we are lucky because the transfer is easier because it is a standard format designed to facilitate this work.
We always recommend that you do this in stages, gradually abandoning the old tool.

Choose an intuitive and easy-to-use LMS

It is advisable to choose a simple training software to avoid problems at the time of use or possible handicaps because it is difficult to find the elements in the interface.

plataforma elearning goodle

At 3ipunt, we have created an e-learning software that, among other things, has these qualities, so that you only have to worry about training your students or employees. If you want to know more about our SaaS Goodle software, you can contact us and we will explain it in more detail.

Here is a video as an appetizer 😉

Support, don’t hesitate!

Having a support service is another detail to consider when choosing your e-learning platform.

Do not confuse technical support with maintenance; there are important differences.

While the first is about taking care of possible failures in the tool, the second is about maintaining the tool, including software updates, help in using the platform, and even training.

At 3ipunt, we offer technical support, maintenance and training services.

Now it’s your turn. Do you already know which platform to choose to train your students?

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